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The Rules Are Prepares by The Commission for Candidates Debate Cilegon Election

CILEGON, BCO.CO.ID – the General Election Commission (KPU) Kota Cilegon has decided debate material in the stages of the implementation of the Elections Cilegon 2020. The debate that planning will hold on two stages that can see for community through private television channels national on 21 and 28 November 2020 at 2.00 PM – 4.30 PM.

Expected in the implementation of the debate, the participants of the Elections Cilegon can use the momentum of it to present his vision and mission in building the City of Cilegon’s future and can reap maximum support of the people of the City of Cilegon.”

”We have decided that the debate was held two times in two TV stations, the first in News TV and the second on Metro TV. This debate we divided into two themes; first, the City of Industry For All, us more into the general theme and the second related to public services and the welfare of Indonesian people is too technical,” said Pacthurrohman, Head of the Division of HUMAN resources, Dissemination, Voter Education and Community Participation KPU Cilegon told reporters at the KPU Office Cilegon, Monday 16 November 2020.


Described, candidates could bring six campaign teams to assist them in the studio when the debate takes place. The regulations that issued by the Election Commission to stage Elections in the pandemic took.


”The regulation of the election COMMISSION to each candidate’s six peoples, two people’s candidates and four men that the campaign team or the team of LO,” said Pacthurrohman.


In the implementation, process of the debate the candidate head area Cilegon different from other regions. Because four pairs of candidates affect the duration of the content of the debate itself. To guide the event will assisted by a team of academics from Universities in Banten.

”There is a difference, because Cilegon duration is long. Because there are four candidates but if below the four candidates that the debates are 90 minutes if we are to 120 minutes. Panelists we take from friends of academics in the area of Banten,” he said. []

Editor: Ahdi Zukhruf Amri


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