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The Cilegon Police Seized Hundreds of Alcohol Bottled

CILEGON, BCO.CO.ID – Hundreds of bottles of liquor of various types and brands were confiscated by the Cilegon Police from various herbal shops in the Jombang and Cilegon districts, cafes that do not have a license to sell alcohol, and places prone to crime, Friday night on November 20, 2020.
This raid aimed at drinking alcohol was carried out by the police to create an atmosphere conducive to the disturbance of security and social security ahead of the 2020 Cilegon Regional Election.

“We secured hundreds of bottles of alcohol, starting from mixed alcohol and certain brands from herbal shops and cafes that we raided,” said Kompol Jajang Mulyaman, Kapolsek Cilegon, at the Cilegon Police Headquarters, Friday, November 20, 2020.

Based on the results of this raid, Jajang continued, the police managed to secure 503 bottles of alcohol. Furthermore, hundreds of bottles of alcohol were circulated, and violating one of the Cilegon Regional Regulations were immediately taken to the Cilegon Police Headquarters to be destroyed.
“There are 300 bottles of branded alcohol and 203 packages of mixed alcohol. We secure it at the Police Headquarters to be destroyed later, “he said.

He appealed to residents in the Jombang and Cilegon regions to jointly create peaceful conditions for social security so that the implementation of the election runs smoothly.
“I urge residents to jointly protect and fortify themselves from the circulation of this alcohol because this (alcohol) contains a lot of its benefits,” said Jajang. []

Editor: Ahdi Zukhruf Amri


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